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Focus on quality and safety

In the past year, BLS Cargo has improved the punctuality of its trains even further. Nevertheless, the company is still not satisfied with the improvement that has been made and is constantly working on further improving punctuality. An important tool in this are the various monitoring systems which allow us precisely to identify the cause of delays and take measures to prevent them.

BLS Cargo also sets great store by the safety of its transport services. The company is working with its partners to achieve further improvements by introducing regular random sampling on trains and establishing a consistent reporting system for any irregularities that occur.

Two important aids in the further development of BLS Cargo are Process Management and the Balanced Scorecard system. By recording the main processes in the company, any potential for optimisation can be identified. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, BLS Cargo is also keen to keep its processes dynamic, and to constantly develop these further. The main targets are measured using the Balanced Scorecard and regularly assessed. If the targets are not being reached in a particular area, BLS Cargo does all it can to improve its performance.

ISO Certificate (pdf, 110kb)