Dirk Stahl elected as new ERFA president

During the ERFA Board of Directors meeting of 20th November, the ERFA Board of Directors unanimously elected Mr. Dirk Stahl (BLS Cargo) as the new ERFA President. Mr. Maciej Gladyga (IGTL) was elected as the Vice-President of ERFA.

Mr. Dirk Stahl is currently the CEO of BLS Cargo, a leading rail freight transport company focusing on Alpine transit with international block trains. Mr. Stahl has extensive experience in the international rail freight market and knows the needs of the rail freight sector.

Mr. Maciej Gladyga is currently the Office Director of IGTL (Land Transport Chamber of Commerce of Poland). Mr. Gladyga currently represents operators of various sizes within the Polish rail freight market.

Upon his election, Mr. Stahl said, “I am very honoured to have been elected by my colleagues in the rail freight industry to take up the position of ERFA President. As President, I want to influence European transport policy in order to develop and simplify rail freight transport, improve quality and provide customers with reliable services. This will also convince new customers of the benefits and effectiveness of rail freight. We are facing into a crucial few years where we need to grow the rail freight sector in order contribute to the European Union’s climate objectives. Rail is the greenest means of freight transport and it is therefore important that we can build a legislative framework that meets the needs of the rail freight industry”.

This legislative framework needs to ensure that we have a competitive and international rail freight market. Private rail freight undertakings and new entrants take an important role in the modal shift and have to face equal and fair conditions on the market. The best way to achieve growth in the rail sector is the creation of a truly European and competitive rail freight market”, continued Mr. Stahl.

I am looking forward to working with ERFA Secretary General, Mr. Conor Feighan, and the ERFA team in achieving these goals. I believe ERFA has a key role to play in promoting the views of the rail freight sector at European level”, concluded Mr. Stahl.

About ERFA

ERFA was established in 2002 as the voice of new entrants to support the European vision for a liberalised railway market. All ERFA members share a commitment to work towards a non-discriminatory, competitive and innovative Single European Railway market by promoting attractive, fair and transparent market conditions for all rail freight enterprises.

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