BLS Cargo trains are currently running without any restrictions

BLS Cargo operations are currently running without any restrictions. We are in close contact with all our partners in Italy and north of Switzerland. All players in rail freight traffic are totally aware of their crucial role in maintaining international supply chains in these turbulent times. 

BLS Cargo is also engaged together with international organizations (e.g., ERFA) to push internationally – especially Italian and EU authorities – to secure and maintain the full availability of any critical infrastructures.

BLS Cargo has launched a crisis organization to define preventive and reactive measures. These are based on guidelines and recommendations of the national health authorities. Among others, hygiene measures, behavior rules («social distancing», homeworking), restrictions on meetings and reduction of business travel are decreed. Depending on the further developments additional measures might be taken. 

Our aim is to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners as much as possible and to grant an ongoing smooth operation. 

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