For you en route on the railway network

Are you looking for a lean provider of rail freight transport services in transit through Switzerland, in Swiss domestic, import and export traffic or traffic from Belgium? Then you have come to the right place.

We offer total or partial services and assume responsibility for the entire transport route. This makes us your sole and direct contact for all questions relating to rail transport. Apropos direct contact: At BLS Cargo you will be looked after by a personal and direct key account manager.

We would like to build up a trusting partnership with you, understand your specific needs and operational procedures exactly, in order to offer you individual, efficient and innovative services. We deploy our cross-border locomotives along the entire north-south corridor and are personally present at the major Swiss border stations.

We put all our passion and energy into ensuring that your goods arrive reliably from their point of departure to their destination. Our dispatchers in the control centre track your trains throughout Europe 24 hours a day, seven days a week and intervene if anything goes out of sync. Our own wagon masters are also on duty around the clock and can intervene if necessary. 

Our creativity, our organisational talent and our years of rail expertise help us to successfully master tricky situations and always find a way for your goods.

With us you are well on track!

Talk to us

Dr. Dirk Pfister

Commercial director
Deputy CEO


Phone +41 58 327 23 30

Lucas Imbach

Head of productmanagement/sales transit Switzerland


Phone +41 58 327 28 73

Oliver Kohli

Head of productmanagement/ sales domestic, import, export Switzerland


Phone +41 58 327 32 20

Boris Boskovic

Head of productmanagement/sale Belgium, East-West


Phone +41 58 327 28 57

Ion Barra

Key Account Manager Belgium, East-West



Phone +41 79 773 02 76 

Luciano Moscatello

Key Account Manager



Phone +41 58 327 30 46

Lutz Richter

Key Account Manager



Phone +41 58 327 31 64

Tobias Flückiger

Key Account Manager



Phone +41 58 327 37 41

Stephan Weingart

Key Account Manager



Phone +41 58 327 31 61

Pascal Jaussi

Key Account Manager 



Phone +41 79 931 38 89

Shift leader disposition BLS Cargo



Phone +41 58 327 32 12

Innovative services thanks to modern locomotives

Re 475 - 25 locos 
Area of use: D-A-CH-I-NL-B
Re 475 - 15 locos
Area of use: D-A-CH-I-NL
BR 193 - 4 locos
Area of use: D-A-CH-I-NL
Owner: Hupac SA
BR 186 - 7 locos
Area of use: D-A-CH-I-NL
Owner: Railpool 
Re 486 - 10 locos
Area of use: D-A-CH-I
BR 187 - 5 locos
Area of use: D-A-CH
Owner: Railpool 
RE 485 - 20 locos
Area of use: D-CH
Re 465 - 13 locos
Area of use: CH

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